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Electrical Inspection and Testing
Electrical Inspection and Testing
Electrical systems will deteriorate over time. Wiring is usually kept tucked away where it is safe from becoming damaged but that does not prevent the materials from gradually deteriorating. When deterioration does reach a certain point then it can affect how well the system functions and can potentially lead to malfunctions. This can mean some sockets and other fittings stop working, and it can also result in potentially dangerous situations.

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With this in mind, it is a good idea to have your electrical wiring system inspected and tested from time to time. This can help prevent serious problems arising and also potentially save you a lot of money overall.  Our team of highly trained and experienced electricians will be able to undertake an inspection to ensure your wiring is working as it should be and safe to use.

When Should My Wiring Be Tested?

If you are a homeowner then it’s recommended to have your wiring tested once every 10 years or so. You should also have it tested if something appears to be not working as it should, or if the fixtures are looking as though they are becoming worn. If you have a swimming pool on your property this is cause to be extra careful and an inspection should be carried out every year.

Landlords and business owners should ideally have their wiring checked every 5 years. A change in tenancy also makes a good opportunity for landlords to have the wiring of their property inspected.

How Is an Inspection Performed?

Inspecting your wiring typically involves checking the system for any physical damage. This includes looking for damage to sockets and other fixtures that might cause a problem. We will also look for tell-tale signs of overloading such as scorch or burn marks.

We will also check your Residual Current Devices (RCD). These are very important because they are the switches that trip a circuit when required. In short, they cut off the electrical supply to the circuit in potentially dangerous situations and this can literally save somebody’s life. This makes it a very good idea to be sure they are working properly.


If significant faults were found with the system, the inspection will come back as ‘unsatisfactory. This means that work needs to be performed in order to make the wiring safe. There are three main categories of an unsatisfactory inspection:

  • C1 – This is the most serious category and means the system is dangerous. It should not be used until the identified issues have been rectified.
  • C2 – This category is not as immediately dangerous to use, but it is still advised to fix problems urgently to prevent anybody from coming to harm.
  • C3 – This category means that the system is not necessarily dangerous to use, but it is still advised to have recommended improvements done. An electrical system can still pass the inspection if this category is used.

If you do suspect there is a problem with your wiring, or it’s been too long since the last inspection, give us a call. We will be happy to book an appointment with you to make an inspection and answer any questions you might have.

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